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If you’re in a relationship for the long-haul, you’re probably well aware that the Honeymoon Period comes and goes quicker than you’d probably like to admit. But that’s life, eh: when sexy underwear gets replaced with a multi-car insurance policy and a slow cooker, you know you’ve moved on to the next stage of your relationship.

Nonetheless, here arise some definite perks: what's more, this often means your significant other becomes more and more like your best pal. And that’s completely worth the constant bickering over who unloads the dishwasher, trust us.

They may not have been featured in Shakespeare’s sonnets, but here are 10 ways that being in a relationship is the best, even without the romance:

1. Sharing food

This is by far the best part of being in a relationship: at a restaurant and can’t decide what you want to eat? No worries: order two plates and swap halfway through.

For the terminal unromantics, make sure you make a clear 50-50 separation on your plate before you start eating.

2. Using them as an excuse

Forgot to pay the rent? Being particularly rubbish at texting back? You can blame everything on your significant other, without them even knowing. Apologising for their tardiness is quicker and easier than actually admitting personal responsibility.

Just don’t forget, this is a mutual agreement; after a few years, your friends will definitely begin to wonder why you put up with how pathetic you make your partner out to be – and vice versa.

3. Being able to let yourself go

Arguably the most challenging part of being in a long-term relationship is coming to terms with how you’ve managed to double your collective body weight since the day you met. Cue identity crisis.

But in all honesty, it just means you’re super comfortable around another human being; the illusion has finally been shed, and it’s fantastic. You let those leg hairs breathe, girl.

4. Presents get good

When you eat, sleep and binge-watch next to someone for a significant amount of time, you have plenty of opportunities to master the subtle hint; it can be quite life changing, getting presents from someone who knows what you already have and what you genuinely want/need. Gift receipts become a thing of the past.

Not only this, but presents can get more and more practical; it might feel like the end of romance as you know it, but there’s a bittersweet joy in receiving that set of wiper blades you’ve been needing for ages.

5. Cooking is easier

Anyone who cooks for one knows the struggle; portion control goes out of the window. Either you end up chucking a significant portion of your handiwork away, or you end up eating the same sodding shepherd’s pie every night for the rest of the week.

It’s hard to hear, but most recipe books don’t cater to the singleton market: cooking for two increases your options, distributes the labour, and also saves the planet from food waste. Win-win-win.

6. Borrowing their stuff

Not only are you blessed in sharing their company for ­– fingers crossed – the rest of your life, you also get to share all of their possessions: TVs, more expensive furniture, subscription services, even underwear, if you’re daring.

Being in a relationship basically means you double your amount of possessions- as long as you don’t mind the action figure/antique coin collections coming along for the ride too.

7. They’re willing to listen to your every thought

Fancy yourself as a James Joyce? You’ve finally found that one person who will put up with your no-longer-internal monologue all day, every day. They know that their contribution may not be valued, and yet they want to take it all in anyway.

They might even call you out on some of your crappier/more irrational behaviour, leaving you as a more stable, rounded individual. Aw.

8. Road Trips are 100% better

Whether you’re partaking in Route 66 or the obligatory drive-through hangover run, travelling gets instantly better. Not only do you have someone to 50-50 the actual driving with, but your counterpart can offer many other skills, like DJing, navigating, snack sharing, and most importantly keeping you awake.

We’re surprised that having a significant other isn’t a requirement on your insurance policy by now.

9. Candid photo taking

It sounds narcissistic, but here lies a golden opportunity; when you’re tired of the selfie, you can arrange for your non-judgemental partner in crime to take a completely natural-looking, completely staged shot for your Instagram.

Not only does it give the illusion that another human being actually thought you’d make a fascinating subject, you can also give it 50 different tries to ensure you get the angle of your chin just right.

10. Having someone rooting for you every single day

Okay, so this one is kinda romantic: there’s nothing more confidence-boosting and life-affirming than having someone who consistently has your back. Every one of your flaws all of a sudden has the miraculous potential to be endearing. It’s an awful cliché, but when you find someone who will support you through both good and bad times, every day gets a little bit easier. Whether you’re facing a drastic career change, family issues, or a charity 10k, there’s nothing more reassuring than facing it together with someone who knows your every thought and every quirk.

Combine all of this with the occasional romantic renaissance, and maybe the dreaded ‘post-honeymoon period’ doesn’t look too bleak after all.

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Valentine’s Day or as it’s called in the land of the singleton – Tuesday.
Dating has become very weird. Sprinkle it with busy schedules and the fact that you don’t have an advanced degree in psychology, you’ll start to understand just what it’s like to date these days.
Before you dive into this confusing world we’ve created an online profile language table so you know what they really mean! 

Now for the good bit. Here are the most common stages of online dating and what to expect, we’ve also thrown in a few tips to help you out! Good luck.

Stage 1. Kid in a Candy Shop

Overwhelmed by the feeling you get when you realise there are a bazillion single people like you in your local area? Check out everyone who passes by in public, at the supermarket, the coffee shop, in traffic? Catch yourself zoning out mid-sentence while eating with your friends because a 10/10 just walked in? You probably have the courage to speak to exactly 0 of these people, but still, you noticed. This is good!

Stage 2. High Hopes & Higher Standards 

You’ve probably created a list of what you will and won’t accept from a partner. The list is long, detailed and covers everything you want from career status to number of pets. You mould your dating profile around this, making it clear you love to travel but don’t want to leave the house, quirky yet grounded, successful but not too successful and is into sex but never had it. 

Stage 3. First Dates 

Your profile hooked some promising bites, you’ve bypassed the small talk and it’s time for some dates. You pick the go-to venue (Nando’s) over and over again; the staff probably knows your order like the back of their hand. You smile and nod at the right time, check your phone when it gets awkward and agree to meet up again. You’re not rushing though! Just seeing what’s out there!

Stage 4. Last minute mistakes

When you finish your date, don’t ruin things just as you’re on your path to salvation. Send a thank you text and go with the flow from there. If you don’t hear from them for a day or two after, don’t panic. Coming across as clingy or lacking in confidence may scare off what could have been a happily ever after.

It can be hard, when you so badly want to find “the one,” but getting to know another person takes time and patience. Stick with it, execute these tips and tricks and you’ll be well on your way to relationship status! 
Good Luck!
Flirtify x 

Many people find keeping up with the whole ‘New Year, new me’ a bit of a challenge if they’re single. So, Flirtify have put together a handy New Year Singles Survival Guide to help you take a fresh approach to 2017 and get you feeling good about yourself for the dating year ahead!  

1.Throw out the old

You will probably find it hard introducing new experiences into your life until you have cleared  space for them! That’s true for relationships as much as anything else. The New Year is the perfect  time to find love because so many singles are feeling refreshed and ready to put themselves  out  there, so what are you waiting for?

 2.Start as you mean to go on

 How do you want 2017 to go? Take a look at your current situation and see if there are things you  would like to change. Don’t begin a self-assassination; find one thing you could realistically change  that would improve your love life and focus on that.

3.Welcome in the new

Where do you want to be one year from now? Dream big, clear and vivid. In the spirit of 'New Year, New You', people are open to new experiences which may include focusing on their love life!

4.Share the love

Make sure your new year isn’t just about finding love but about spreading it too! That means whenever and wherever you can.  With an open heart and mind you are sure to attract more love into your own life too.

5.Review the possibilities

Do you have matches trying to make contact with you? Maybe you have ignored them because you didn’t like their photo or location? Are you receiving invitations but dismissing them on the grounds that you're single? Sometimes we think there is nothing to do and no-one to do it with but really we just aren’t looking!

If you follow these five steps from our Singles Survival Guide you should be well on your way to finding love in 2017. Good luck and go get 'em!

We're the generation of the online date, sexting and supposed 'hook-up culture' but it turns out that we, that’s millennials and iGen individuals (those born in the 90's) just aren't having that much sex. Tell us about it!

New research has revealed that, compared to, Generation Xers (AKA the parents) are the real Generation Sexers. This just awkward!

Yes, the research found that 15% of young adults (20-24 year olds) have reportedly had no sexual partners since turning 18. This is up from 6% in the previous generation.

More… Sexual inactivity apparently has increased more for women than for men and is different depending on your race, education level and geographical location.

Why? Well, it's likely to do with money, or, lack of it.

Lead researcher of the study, Jean Twenge said that the findings form "part of a general theme of later maturation that's been pretty well-documented".

What we hear is that it doesn't suck enough that we’re less likely to have jobs and are more likely to live with our parents but now all that means we’re less likely to be in the "mood" for sex.

Another possibility is that because we’re glued to our phones we’re missing opportunities to meet people around us – presumably when we’re not glued to the Flirtify app that is - or it could quite simply be that there's so many more ways to entertain ourselves without anyone else these days. Pokémon Go, we’re looking at you!

Glued to your phone? Download the Fliritfy app today – it’s free too! WIN. WIN.

By, Sarah at Flirtify 

First dates can be tricky but they can also be fun and filled with possibility and we want to help you charter these increasingly choppy waters, like somewhat of an unofficial best friend.

So, what the best first date? Well, coffee, of course! I’ve found that going out for a cup of coffee is the ultimate first-date out there.

The reason? Plenty and not one of them is romantic I’m afraid, because first dates aren’t about romance. Instead, in an age where singles meet either online or through a dating app, first dates are more about a connection and finding out if you have one.
Essentially, a first date has become a prelude to the more romantic, second date.

So if you’re ever stumped on where to go I suggest you grab a coffee. Here are nine reasons why…

1. It’s Inexpensive
Even a coffee shop in convent garden will – probably – cost you less than a trip to the cinema to sit in silence and pretend to like sweet popcorn, or a game of bowling only to find your date is incredibly overly competitive and can’t remember your name.
A first date, while they can be fun, should be low investment – literally. So, being smart about all this, it makes sense to consider that a low-investment date requires a low monetary value.

2. You Can Tell A Lot About A Person From Their Coffee Order

How do they speak to the barista? Do they request their beverage be “extra hot” or have a certain milk preference, or low fat? Do they not drink coffee at all? A coffee order says a lot about a person’s personality, and by the time they order, you can at least tell a little about them.

Ps. An extra-large custard cream is always a positive ;)

3. Perfect Conversation
You’re sitting at a small table with nothing but very two hot beverages between you - what else is there to do than chat? Nothing. Perfect.
Use the opportunity to get to know this stranger a little better.

4. You Won’t Get Drunk 

This can have many benefits – trust me!
Is drunk you too honest? An over-sharer? A dancer? Does drunk you say things you don't really mean or do things you don't want to do? Coffee VS cocktails, coffee every time! Instead of ending the night telling them everything there is to know about your no good ex you can leave feeling energised, happy and have a spring in your step at the possibility of something new.

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5. It's Easy To Get Out
He’s boring? Too tall? Too short? Not what you had in mind? No problem, a coffee doesn’t take too long to consume (you can always order a small if it’s that bad), finish the coffee, let them know you’re all done, and get out of there!

6. Coffee Goodness
“Coffee cures many ailments” according to a study from New York University. Participants – a whole 430,000  of them - found that adding just two cups of coffee to your diet results in a 44% lower risk of cirrhosis, an incurable liver disease which is usually the result of drinking too much booze (see point 4). So by grabbing coffee, no matter how bad your date you’ll sip soundly knowing you’re helping stay healthy.

7. Casual
Heals? Lipstick? ID? No. No. No.
Coffee is casual, I’m not saying look like a slob but there really is no need to dress up. You can just head over to the coffee shop pre-or-post work and grab a coffee.
If it's cold outside, order something warm and sit back and relax. If it's warm, head out on the patio with an ice coffee. Easy peasy.

8. There's Great People Watching
Whether you go to a local shop, a chain, or one that has chairs stuck to the wall, you're bound to do see some characters. I love people watching.

9. They Work With Your Schedule
See point 7 because unlike bars or restaurants, coffee dates can happen at any time of day. You can do it before work, after work or during lunch if you’re both close by (ahh the joy of the location feature).

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We can't wait for this weeks installment of First Dates!

Last week’s First Dates taught us why it is NEVER a good idea to go on a blind double date. Why? In case your date ends up fancying your best mate which is something Croydon club promoters Josh and Jack found out the hard way.

Hair slicked back and twin suits to boot (by accident apparently), the pair were ready for some action.
And when blonde horse rider Morgan walked in, both of their eyes lit up - but it appeared like she and Josh had instant chemistry. 

It was when restaurant owner Fred turned up to lead them to their tables that the full awkwardness was revealed...

Fred said: “Jack and Morgan, you are going to be together.”
Morgan couldn’t help a gasp: “Are you joking?”
Jasmine was confused: “Are we swapping?”
The blonde tried to bag a date with Josh, saying: “It would be awkward to swap now.”

Josh smirked at her and agreed, but Fred said: “You’re not swapping; this is what it’s meant to be – Jack and Morgan.”

When Morgan and Jack were seated, she tried to explain: “I just presumed because the way he made eye contact with me was like, oh, maybe he knows…”

Awkward? Only a tad…

She had also joked to Josh’s date, saying that she was with her man (which we think was just down right rude if were honest!)

And even Jack’s date Jasmine thought that he was more suited to the blonde horse rider.
Can we go back and set up Jasmine and Jack please? But when Jack and Morgan were asked whether they’d see each other again, the blonde surprisingly said that she’d give him “another go”. She added:  “There’s more to you than meets the eye”.

Josh wasn’t convinced, saying that Morgan was “left hungry” and that she had really wanted him so you can imagine our happiness when it turned out that even after taking both of their numbers, she ended up on a second date with <drum roll please> Jack!

What happens when you put thousands of good-looking athletes in one place for a few weeks, say Rio? You inevitably get lots of flirting, hook ups and romance!

Since the start of the Olympics in Rio there has been a dramatic spike in swipes and matches near the Olympic village - where the athletes have been living.It’s reported that dating matches are up 129% and swipes are up 69% in the area around the Olympic village – so that’s what they get up to out of the pool!

Team USA swimmer Ryan Lochte has openly discussed having a dating profile and 'talking with a couple [women]'. Instagram account Sports Swipe has collected a few profiles of Olympians and showed what Lochte's verified profile looks like… you’re going to look, don’t pretend :)

Athletes are apparently hooking up inside the Olympic village too, ‘many of the athletes prefer to meet other athletes on dating apps because that's easier, and then they do group dates with other athlete friends,’ a source revealed. “It's pretty intense … some athletes wait until after their competition [to party], and then others have hook-ups between practices because they say sex actually helps them reach for the gold.”

Yemi Apithy, a French-Beninese fencer, told CBS News he downloaded an app "just for distraction” and “we meet people from a lot of nationalities.” When a reporter asked if he had found anyone, he wasn’t shy and replied, “For sure. I am a pretty boy.” Wow!

Ready. Set. Date.

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Bad fashion dies hard.

According to the Wall Street Journal, cargo shorts - dubbed outdated and decidedly uncool - are causing strife in marriages and relationships this summer!

One cargo short devotee shared in the study that he once had 15 pairs of cargo shorts and now hides his one remaining pair from his wife, who took the others to the charity shop AKA known as the bin we suspect.

Where it all began…
We begin in the '90s, when men were from Mars and women were from Venus. That was the decade of the cargo short — a trend that has lived an inexplicably long life thanks to the boys who grew older but hung onto their teenage style. Men, it seems, have trouble letting go!

"Those teenagers are now married, and they don't get rid of their clothes. They don't evolve," says professor at Drexel University, Joseph Hancock who also wrote his PhD thesis on cargo pants!!!

How do you feel about cargo shorts? 
Well, to see how a pair of cargo shorts can make or destroy the look of a person, here's a comparison to help you make up your mind…

Liam Hensworth

President Barack Obama

Zac Efron 

Leonardo DiCaprio 

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Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm.

Have you been on social media and seen lots of Pokémon memes? We sure have and we want in.

What is Pokémon GO you ask?
Where have you been!!! It's an app that ties up our teenage love of Pokemon with the gaping hole left after Candy Crush fell out of favour - essentially it'll be the big new game everyone plays on the bus to work and in the loo at work when they're meant to be doing actual work.
But some people are using it to find love!
Hopefully in the not so distant future we can bring you some love-ly news about how two strangers fell in love through their mutual love of Charmander, however for now it’s worth remembering that any app that tracks your location can be dangerous, if you're somewhere – shall we say – that you shouldn’t be. 
Queens, NY resident Evan Scribner learned that the hard way when his girlfriend found out that his he had been hanging out with his ex, thanks to the app's geolocation feature.
He said, "She saw that I had caught a Pokémon while at my ex's house" 
Scriber's girlfriend hasn't spoken to him since, awks!
FACT: The game has already been installed more times than Tinder. Yes really!
Go get em! Love Flirtify x

Summer truly is the season for fun, flirting and frolics. To keep you sizzling all summer find someone to share the long summer evenings with now with Flirtify ❤️

Love is synonymous with summer. Summer lovin’ had me a blast as they say… as the temperature rises outside, it seems that a lot of people start to enjoy the dating process, with more fun outdoorsy dates and chance meetings with new and interesting people. Moods are lifted and whilst Christmas and New Year are all about family and friends, summer can be about whomever you want it to be (exciting times!). 

Dating is certainly an all-year-round phenomenon and you know we are all for starting the conversation regardless of the temperature outside! But we do think that there is something to be said for finding romance in summer, and here’s why… 

1. More people are out
At the first sight of sunshine, we all can’t help but lose our outer layers and head for the nearest beer garden – it’s a natural human response. As more people leave the safety of their sofas and box-sets behind, we naturally begin planning the summers events and with it begin the chance of meeting new and exciting people! 

2. People are happier
You can’t help but smile on a beautiful sunny day, and these positive summer vibes are great for being more up for new things and meeting new people. 

Professor Holick, of the University of Michigan said, “Being outside readjusts your outlook. The sun represses melatonin levels, making you feel alert, open to new ideas, and willing to put yourself in unfamiliar territory.” 

Spontaneity is in the air and there are so many new adventures to be had…

3. Fun date ideas
Leave your mittens home and ditch the scarves, forget ice-skates and dinner dates and think BBQ, picnics and bike rides! Rediscover where you live with food or a drink at a new location. It needn’t be expensive though – long walks or backyard parties come with minimal costs so you can keep mingling!

4. More time to date
Summer means more daylight hours which means that you can leave work with hours of daylight to enjoy your dates, rather than not seeing the light of day.

5. Summer confidence
Suns outs, guns out! It’s tough to feel attractive wearing more layers than an Eskimo all wrapped up in your scarf, hat and gloves! Summer means beautiful summer dress and shorts. ‘Tis the season to flatter your best features!

Although these are all great reasons why summer is a great time to date – the most obvious reason is that there really is no time like the present.